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    frequently asked questions

    General Solutions

    A. Ensure that you are using a certified power adapter to charge your device.

    B. Check if the charging cable is functioning properly. If not, try using a different charging cable.

    C. Verify if the device’s indicator light is illuminated and if the charging cable is working correctly. If the indicator light is on but the device still doesn’t charge, there may be an issue with the device itself.

    D. If the device displays “CHECK USB” and fails to charge, unplug the USB data cable and adjust the device’s voltage within the range of 4.4~5.8V. Once the voltage is adjusted, the device should resume normal charging automatically.

    A. Replace the used pod with a new one. If the device still doesn’t ignite with a new pod, it is possible that there is a problem with the device.

    B. Check if the electrode pin of the device is properly in place. If it’s not, use a tool to push it back into position.

    C. Examine if there is a short circuit caused by e-liquid leakage. If so, clean up any spilled e-liquid.

    A. Check if the flavor has evaporated due to the e-liquid being exposed to air for a prolonged period. If this is the case, pour out the e-liquid and refill the device with e-liquid from another bottle to try again.
    B. If changing the e-liquid doesn’t solve the issue, replace the used coil with a new one and try again. It’s normal for the flavor to become weak if the coil has been used for an extended period.

    A. Ensure that the pod you are using was purchased from an authorized store.
    B. Replace the burnt coil or pod with a new one following the instructions in the user manual. Refill the pod with e-liquid above the minimum (MIN) level.
    C. Allow the device to sit for 10 minutes to ensure the coil is fully primed.
    D. Refill the device with e-liquid promptly when it reaches the minimum (MIN) level.